Chinese coronavirus: the U.S. state Department forbade Americans to travel on cruise ships

At the moment, around the world recorded more than 110 million cases of infection with coronavirus, of which almost 4 thousand people died. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Китайский коронавирус: Госдепартамент США запретил американцам путешествовать на круизных лайнерах

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A large part of the deaths were recorded in China, but now people are dying from the disease outside China. The greatest number of deaths in Italy, where the coronavirus has died 366, followed by Iran with 327 cases, and in third place is South Korea – 53 death.

About the appearance of coronavirus reported in 90 countries. For the last day of the first reported cases of Colombia, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Malta, Paraguay.


About 30 people remain trapped after a five-story hotel designed for the quarantine of patients with signs of coronavirus, has fallen on Saturday, March 7, in Southeast China’s Quanzhou city.

The increase in economic damage

Bad news for the economy are not thinking to end: according to the report, Chinese exports declined considerably in the first two months of 2020, and the import has slowed since the measures taken to contain the outbreak caused a substantial disruption of the companies global supply chains and economic activity.

In Iran and South Korea, a growing number of cases

Iranian authorities announced 1,000 new cases of infection per day, and in South Korea, the number of infected people rose by 448, in total reaching a little more than 7000 cases.

More than half of the cases of infection in South Korea is connected with the secret sect – the number of infected people increased dramatically after the infected woman had visited the service in the house of worship of the Church of Jesus Sinchonri in mid-February.

Threat cruises

The U.S. is considering ways to dissuade people to use cruise ships. Vice-President Mike Pence said that older people should act with “common sense and caution” and to remember that a huge floating “hotels” are now a particular issue for employees of the health system.

21 people on a cruise ship, which was forbidden to dock at San Francisco, in the analyses was recognized as carriers of coronavirus.

The U.S. Department of state recommends U.S. citizens not travel on cruise ships, since the new coronavirus continues to spread around the world. About it writes USA Today.

“U.S. citizens, especially travelers with underlying medical conditions should not travel on the cruise liners,” writes the State Department in its warning.

The warning coincided with the new recommendations of the Centers for control and prevention (CDC), which includes tips for people who choose to travel on cruise ships.

“Like many other viruses, COVID-19, apparently, it is easier to spread between people who are close to cruise ships,” writes the CDC.

The CDC reports that those who have health problems and elderly travellers should generally avoid cruise ships, as well as long flights on airplanes and stay in crowded places. The CDC advises:

  • avoid contact with sick people;
  • try not to touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands;
  • wash your hands often by washing them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer for hands, alcohol-based, containing 60-95% alcohol. Soap and water should be used if hands are visibly dirty;
  • it is especially important to wash hands after using the toilet; before eating; after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose;
  • avoid travel if you are ill.

“Distribution COVID-19 from person to person occurs, and countries have reported cases associated with travel, and the spread of the disease in the community, writes the CDC. Since the outbreak COVID-19 continues, and the risk of infection travelers and crew members who go on cruise ships”.

For those who have been on a cruise ship in the past two weeks, the CDC recommends that you monitor your health for 14 days after returning to the U.S. to stay home if you feel ill, and to limit their contact with others, wash hands and turn to the doctor.

“To curb the spread of COVID-19, many countries have introduced stringent verification procedures which denied the right of the entrance to the port for ships and prevented the landing of passengers, — says the State Department. In some cases, local authorities were allowed to disembark, but subjected the passengers to the local procedures of the quarantine.”

Cancel music festivals and conferences

Friday, March 6, it became known about the cancellation of music-technology festival South by Southway, which is traditionally held in Austin (TX). Before it became known about cancellation of mass sports, business and other events worldwide.

Senators under threat

Two Republican lawmakers, Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Paul Gosar, said Sunday March 8 that will place themselves in quarantine after participating in a meeting of conservatives at the end of February, which was attended by people whose tests for coronavirus tested positive, says the “Voice of America”.

Cruz and Gosar was among American politicians and activists, who on February 26-29 gathered for the annual Conference of the conservative political action (kkpd) near Washington. The conference theme was “America against socialism.”

The organizer of the conference, the Chairman of the American conservative Union, Matt Schlapp said that he had “occasional” contact with the participant, whose tests came back positive. However, he noted that he feels “healthy as a horse” and I have not heard that anyone else got sick.

The US President Donald trump and Vice-President Mike Pence also attended the conference, but Schlapp said that none of them had contact with the infected.

The cases were registered in most of the 50 U.S. States. Sunday, March 8, the first cases reported by the Virginia and Connecticut.

The epidemic has disrupted daily life: some concerts and conferences were canceled, some universities have asked students to stay home and transferred classes online.

Cruz said that during the conference he had a contact in handshake and a short conversation less than a minute with the man whose tests after that came back positive.

In his statement, Cruz said that he has no symptoms of the disease, and that because the contact was 10 days ago, and the average incubation period is 5-6 days, the chances that he contracted “extremely small”.

“However, as a precaution I decided to stay home in Texas this week, until a full 14 days since contact at the conference,” he added, noting that the people with whom he communicated after the conference “should not worry about the possible transmission” of the virus.

Gosar, reported that he communicated with the infected more time and shook his hands several times, also noted that he had no symptoms, but he will remain at his home in Arizona until after 14 days.

“As a precaution, I closed my office in Washington this week,” – said in a statement, the Republican Congressman from Arizona, on Twitter.

Gosar reported that staff at his Washington office to work remotely.

A senior official in the American system of health Anthony Fauci said that the Americans, especially from vulnerable groups of the population may need to stop using large concentrations of people with the spread of coronavirus.

In addition to trump and Pence participated in the conference coming into office, the new President’s chief of staff mark meadows, President-in-law Jared Kushner and Congressman Jim Jordan, one of the largest allies trump in Congress.

Schlapp shook hands with the Tramp before the President’s speech on the last day of the conference. But a person participant that day was not, Schlapp wrote on Twitter.

The incubation period for mers is 2 to 14 days, and the conference ended on 29 February.

In a statement kkpd States that the Department of health of Maryland have checked thousands of workers to the Convention center and hotel, and none of them were detected unusual disease.

The Department has encouraged employees to measure the body temperature twice daily and monitor any unusual symptoms. The conference organizer issued similar recommendations for the participants.

The situation in Italy

Sunday, March 8, because of the coronavirus under quarantine were 16 million people. Italy, which has about the same number of cases Covid-19, as in South Korea, has introduced a quarantine regime in several Northern regions. It applies to the whole of Lombardy, and another 14 provinces. What is now impossible to do the Italians and at risk is Europe? Turned edition BBC.

Sunday in Italy it became known about 133 people died from the coronavirus, the total number of deaths caused by the disease in the country has now reached 366.

The number of infected reached 7375, an increase of one day in 25%.

On the introduction of restrictive measures announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. They will affect the administrative region of Lombardy as a whole, and also the 14 provinces included in other areas of the country. As a result, the quarantine will be popular with tourists from the cities of Milan and Venice. According to Conte, it’s not just about the ban on entry to these regions and out of them, but about the restrictions on movement in the area of quarantine.All activities within the quarantine area will be held without spectators.

The restrictions will last at least until 3 April.

The price of oil fell by 30%, banks night changed the exchange rate

After failed international deal to limit production, oil prices fell 30%. This rapid fall has not been since 1991. After oil began to fall and the ruble exchange rate.

Some analysts believe that the fall in oil prices may continue, and the price of a barrel of Brent will drop to 20-30 dollars.

On the backdrop of a sharp drop in oil prices, the dollar Monday morning, March 9, increased to 75 rubles — this is the highest value of the American currency from March 2016.


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