Chinese investors made a statement for Motor Sich

Китайские инвесторы сделали заявление по Мотор Сич


Without Chinese investors Motor Sich could stop working

Deal with DCН will guarantee to Ukraine of the obligations Chinese investors for Motor Sich, said in a statement.

The Board of Directors of the Chinese company Skyrizon owning a large stake in the company Motor Sich has made a statement on the situation around the plant. A statement on Monday, August 10, Ukrainian news published.

We remind you that in 2016 Chinese investors acquired the corporate rights to Motor Sich, but to this day cannot fully dispose of their property because of the blocking action of the Antimonopoly Committee, SBU and Genprokuratury.

At the moment, AMC is considering a joint bid Skyrizon and DCН Oleksandr Iaroslavskyi on the concentration of shares in Motor Sich.

In a statement, Chinese investors it is noted that for five years they keep their promises and comply with Ukrainian legislation.

“The company Motor Sich would not be able to develop new products and projects, as well as save thousands of jobs without our investment. It was always a commercial project, based on the results of our study of market demand for products and technologies taking into account business relationships and goals. We are very sorry that, after 5 years, we have experienced only confusion and disappointment,” — said in a statement.

In Skyrizon highlights the interest in the long-term development of the enterprise.

“We have an ambitious plan to achieve our long-term goal, which includes the infusion of significant investments in the company Motor Sich in Ukraine, in Zaporozhye, to maintain and increase the production capacity of the plant,” — said in a statement.

Also Skyrizon commented on possible cooperation with DCH.

“DCH will own more than 25% of the company’s shares that entitle them to participate in the management of the Company and keep it Ukrainian features… Our cooperation will be a guarantor of fulfillment of commitments we have jointly undertaken to the Ukrainian people in respect of the company Motor Sich”, — assured the Chinese investors.

Also Skyrizon expressed surprise due to the blocking activities of enterprises by government agencies.

“We are very disappointed with most of the legal actions taken by the Prosecutor’s office concerning the arrest of certain actions. We believe that it is wrong and unjustified judgment. We are ready to use all legal means to protect our investment,” — said in a statement.

The investors hope to legally resolve the situation.

“We do not want the politicization of commercial projects, because it seriously violates the market rules and procedures that will lead to a deterioration of the investment environment and the loss of investment trust… I Hope that common sense will prevail and a decision will be made to put an end to the artificial barriers to the development of the company”, — concluded in the company.