Chinese scientists have created a gel that is able to strengthen tooth enamel

Worldwide billions of people suffer from tooth decay caused by loss of tooth enamel, however, the new discovery may solve the issue. Chinese scientists have developed a solution that is able to effectively restore the outer surface of damaged teeth using materials that mimic the natural process of mineralization of enamel

Китайские ученые создали гель, способный наращивать зубную эмаль

Tooth enamel is formed in the process of biomineralization, in which cells ameloblastov secrete proteins, which ultimately harden. The problem is that the ameloblastov are present only in childhood, during the development of the teeth. That is, our teeth have little natural ability to heal itself after they formed.

Scientists have long wanted to find the secret to artificial remineralization, but all previous attempts were unsuccessful: the complex structure of the enamel have not been reproduced in the laboratory. Now everything has changed. Researchers have created a gel, which is a new type of cluster ions of calcium phosphate, with a diameter of just 1.5 nanometers (about one-billionth of a meter).

When the gel is applied to human teeth, clusters successfully merge with the texture of natural enamel of the tooth, capping his strong regenerating layer. This artificial enamel has the same structure and mechanical properties as natural.

Scientists hope that this discovery will allow for the repair of tooth enamel without the use of seals. Sorry, gonna take several years before this material gets into the clinical practice of dentists.