Chocolate rabbits and strange traditions: Easter in the United States through the eyes of our immigrants

“New York is going through difficult times. The city became the epicenter of the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States and around the world. Today the death toll inexorably here is close to 17 thousand, and it’s really scary,” writes the author of the blog “50 shades of new York” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Шоколадные зайцы и странные традиции: Пасха в США глазами наших иммигрантов

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Hereinafter in the first person.

But I was very touched that the new Yorkers found the moral courage to decorate the house for Easter, which is the entire Western world celebrated April 12. After all, holidays are necessary for us — they have a therapeutic effect, switch our consciousness on a wave of trust. And even when it is hard to rejoice in us is the desire to please loved ones. That’s why I wanted to tell you about American Easter traditions.

US residents are very religious – more than 80% of the population consider themselves Christians, most of them profess Protestantism, and only a quarter – Catholicism. Many people go to Church weekly, and not just in the Outback. Needless to say that Easter Sunday they spend in these solemn services in new York, the main Easter service is held in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Of course, the celebration of Easter has long gone beyond the framework of religious activities and acquired quite a secular character. A couple of weeks before the festival people decorate their houses and lawns bright Easter symbols in the manner of European – bunnies, flowers and colored eggs. By the way, the eggs are often hung on trees or put the so-called “Easter tree” in the apartment.

In anticipation of the holiday, everywhere arranged carnivals, the most famous being Mardi Gras. In the very Easter Sunday in each city is a lush parade whose participants wear elaborate hats with the symbols of the holiday and the costumes of the bunnies.

Behind all this is followed by a dinner with family and friends. On the traditional desktop is ham, Turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie. The children definitely give sweet gifts chocolate eggs and figurines of birds.

They are not just awarded, it is customary to hold an Easter egg hunt – parents hide eggs under the guise of the antics of the Easter Bunny and to arrange children competition in their search.

Another famous tradition which is already half a century – “skating Easter eggs” at the White house. Here, too, is traditionally attended by children. They should race to be pushed to the Easter eggs to the finish line. And it’s all happening on the green lawn in front of the residence of the President and always vigorously publicized in the press.

As you understand, the Americans just love Easter and really looking forward to. And though this day is not considered an official holiday, many establishments take a day off, not to miss all the fun. I really hope that this year Easter will mark for the people of new York the beginning of a more favorable period.

The original column published in the blog “50 shades of new York” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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