Choking and assault: a Tinder “date” turns into a nightmare for a man

Strangulations and aggression: a


A meeting that happened through the Tinder application would have turned into a nightmare for a 21-year-old young man, when he went to a lady's home in Colorado Springs.

Lauren Marie Dooley, 22, had arranged to meet her victim at her apartment, according to an affidavit quoted by the New York Post.

She allegedly asked the young man to undress before tying his hands and having consensual sex with him on the couch. The main interested party found this peculiar, but he had given his consent all the same.

However, things then got tougher for the young man, when the lady asked him to go to the bedroom. Lauren Marie Dooley allegedly used a kitchen knife. She allegedly climbed on top of him on the bed and tried to start severing his shoulder.

Lauren Marie Dooley then allegedly strangled her victim repeatedly with a belt, while checking his pulse. man.

She then allegedly ordered food and threatened to kill her victim if he tried to call for help. After she fell asleep next to him, the 21-year-old took the opportunity to escape.

Police discovered the man naked in the apartment complex parking lot

Lauren Marie Dooley has been charged with kidnapping, assault and threatening.