Christian Vermette leaves the Remparts to join the Oilers

Christian Vermette leaves the Remparts to join the Oilers


Patrick Roy will have to find a new assistant general manager and head scout, since Christian Vermette has accepted the position of scout in Quebec with the Edmonton Oilers.  

After working as head recruiter for the Saint-Jean Sea Dogs, Vermette was hired by Philippe Boucher during the 2014-2015 season as assistant general manager. He then became head of recruiting two years later, roles he held until last week.

It was through a former colleague, Ross Yates , with whom Vermette had worked in Saint-Jean, that the process began. 

“Ross is now a scout in Detroit and Tyler Wright [the Oilers director of amateur scouting] asked him if he knew anyone to fill the scout position in Quebec. Ross called me to find out if I was interested, and things got out of hand. » 

Vermette received confirmation at the end of last week that he had obtained this position. 

“I didn't do any legwork but, in a way, I wanted to have an opportunity at some point. Like players and coaches, we all want to go up and I knew that hockey is a world of contacts. […] It is sure that it is a dream that I had. This summer, I saw hirings made in Quebec and I wondered if my chance would come. Finally, I'm really happy. » 

Proud of the work accomplished

Vermette is therefore leaving the Remparts in a year where they hope to win top honors with a roster made up of several choices in the repechage which he initiated.

He does not hide feeling a certain pride in looking at the Red Devils roster, 2022-2023. 

“The group of players born in 2003 that we have assembled is a group of excellent players and exceptional individuals. It was a very good repechage for us. When you draft a player like Nathan Gaucher and he is then selected in the first round in the NHL, you tell yourself that you have struck well. On the other hand, like any group of recruiters, I was the head scout, but these are choices that were made as a team. » 

Effective immediately

Vermette announced to the Remparts that he was leaving his post last week and Patrick Roy is currently looking for a a substitute. As for the new member of the Oilers, he also had to announce his resignation at the Lotbinière golf club, of which he was the general manager. 

“I will leave this position at the end of December in order to 'ensure a transition,' he assured.