Christina Aguilera showed how to look like 007 in a female guise

Now Christina Aguilera is “on tour” at fashion week in London by staging a break from his live show in Las Vegas. The singer only does that surprise with their outfits pretty sophisticated audience. Arriving at the JW Anderson show, the singer showed how to look like 007 in female form: the original vest with wings and a slim waist, long wide black trousers, long gloves and of course sunglasses.

Кристина Агилера показала, как должен выглядеть агент 007 в женском обличии

Completed the image of special agent red lipstick and icy blonde. In General, Christine did not just bond in a skirt, and bodypositive bond. On the wave of fashion for all natural and ugly, Aguilera seems to struggle with excess weight. She successfully selects images that they can not be seen. And fans for the voice and songs in General are willing to forgive any appearance the singer.

While Christina “walks” outfits she remembers is preparing for a concert tour, which will start in London in November. Considering the new collection, the singer runs the program. For example, at fashion week, she made a brilliant show in the show of Richard Branson and Harata Drink.