Christina Aguilera was shocked at the plump figure

The appearance on the scene in Dublin, the 38-year-old Christina Aguilera has caused mixed reactions from her fans. The fact that this concert, which she gave in the framework of the Irish part of his world tour, the singer, who recently scored a lot of excess weight, and even appeared “half naked”. In any case, it is perceived as a new stage costume Christina some of her fans.

Кристина Агилера неприятно поразила располневшей фигурой

Outfit Christine and really was not hiding too much of her body. Aguilera first appeared on stage in a chiffon skirt and bodysuit. Moreover, the right half of the body was completely transparent, made it completely exposed one breast of the singer. And then Christine got rid of the skirt and remained only in a silver bodysuit, revealing and even your thighs… And high, shining silver boots singer only said it became huge thighs…

Perhaps in the old days, when Aguilera was slim, this outfit would not look at her so defiantly. But due to the fact that the singer strongly put on weight, its shape became almost “Rubenesque”. And, as many thought, Frank suit, the singer looked on her just vulgar.

However, the Aguilera her look, it seems, does not bother. Not so long ago, she admitted that even pleased that so well. “I was too thin. But now I have shape, and I like it. I love to show my Boobs and ass. I’m quite comfortable in that body that is now me. Besides, the way I look, really like my boyfriend. So I’m quite happy!” — said Cristina. Recall: now Aguilera lives with her fiance — Matthew Zatleram, from whom she five years ago gave birth to her second child — a daughter Augusta. In addition, the singer brings up another 11-year-old son max from her first husband Jordan Bratman.