Christmas capital of the USA: the city Museum in Virginia, where the holidays comes to life magic

And you know what American city is called the Christmas capital of the USA? This historic Williamsburg in Virginia, one of the most popular destinations for Christmas travel. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

Рождественская столица США: город-музей в Вирджинии, где на праздники оживает магия

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The town was built in the 17th century the first colonists of America. Today, Williamsburg is a city — Museum, where the holidays comes to life with Christmas magic.

A volley of muskets and marches to the drums begins the celebration of Christmas in colonial Williamsburg, and neighboring town Busch gardens festive mood was created with the help of hundreds of thousands of lights.

At the end of December, the Park turns into a winter Wonderland, decorated with 11 million lights. This is one of the largest Christmas installations in North America, visitors in delight.

“All lit up, festive and bright, it makes you happy,” says the visitor.

“It is nice and fun, there is a lot you can do to get on the train and look at all the pretty lights,” says the little visitor.

Other visitors admire the architecture.

“There are other times culture, the times in which we were not, and felt as if they were. Here’s another architecture and food,” says Kate withers.

In the local pub visitors are treated to freshly brewed dark beer, and the German pastry shop guests can enjoy German gingerbread.

Colonial Williamsburg is a town-history, like it teleports you in the times of the colonization of America.

Williamsburg was the capital of the first colony in 1699, some of the buildings from the time, some were restored, others again restored. Today the city is a living history Museum under the open sky.

The celebration of Christmas in colonial Williamsburg was much easier than today.

“Christmas used to be the feast of going to Church, then feast and party, dance,” says Laura Vancour, Director of the Landscape Museum.

However, in 1842, Williamsburg became the first city in the American colonies, where it was installed and decorated Christmas tree.

“A small tree decorated with gilded nuts and balls and it was all decorated with red gauze and lit candles,” says Christine Westenberger, the representative of the Museum.

The very first Christmas tree is in the Museum of folk art and consists of 2000 handmade jewelry.

When the night streets of the colonial town are lit by torches, and everywhere is heard the drum beats and horns, think about a more simple celebration of Christmas and the roots of these traditions in the United States.