Christmas lights in may in the United States is gaining popularity of ‘quarantine’ flashmob

In order to cheer up yourself and others during a tedious quarantine, the Americans began to decorate the yards with festive lights and decorations, says Voice of America.

Рождественские огни в мае: в США набирает популярности 'карантинный' флешмоб

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Looking for decorated with garlands and decorative figures in the courtyard of the house of Larry Wolfe, it is difficult to guess what time of year or holiday: Christmas, Easter or thanksgiving. But for the owner of this house is important.

“It’s all designed to somehow make people laugh. Now all sit at home and we need a little positivity and joy, so we put up the yard decorations for all holidays,” he explained.

Рождественские огни в мае: в США набирает популярности 'карантинный' флешмоб

Screenshot: Lary’s a wolf and his court. Video: Voice Of America

Mickey mouse in Halloween pumpkin wearing a protective mask, like all residents of Los Angeles. Neighbors of Larry smile every time pass by this unusual house. They say they’re grateful to the owner for the opportunity to escape from stress.

“I think these people are a little eccentric but in the best sense of the word, says Mary Ann, a neighbor of the family Woolf. That’s how they want to say “We love you. We’ll survive this. We are together”.

Christmas holidays at the end of the quarantine tunnel. The flash mob quickly became popular in social networks under the hashtag #LightForLife (“lights for life”).

In order to cheer up yourself and others during the quarantine, many Americans began to hang the Christmas lights.

Animator Charlie Baena lives in Kansasa. During the quarantine, he began to give online lessons on how to build a glowing decorations from copper wire and garlands.

“We all have pleasant memories from childhood related to Christmas lights, says Charles. — Every spring we happen to thousands of tornado. So I want to have in the yard some easy decoration, for example, in the form of a ball, to when the wind sweeps — she trashed the neighborhood.”

Charlie decorated my house with lights. He says that it is easier and more pleasant to live in quarantine.

“Take a deep breath, relax and understand now all the way live. You are not alone!” he said.

Joined the flash mob and sports fans, bored without competitions favorite teams during the quarantine. So I decorated my yard residents of a suburb of Seattle.

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