Church divorce in case of betrayal or abuse in marriage. A famous clergyman dispels all doubts

Canon law seems to be created to force couples in love to think deeply about the sacrament of marriage …

 Church divorce in betrayal or abuse in marriage. A well-known clergyman dispels all doubts

When the bride and groom wish to legalize their relationship in front of the altar, they must meet a number of very strict conditions required by the Bones. Apart from premarital studies, a number of documents that are sometimes difficult to obtain, prospective spouses must have a so-called “clean sheet”, which means that they must not have unregulated matters related to a previously concluded church wedding.

Difficult situation, when we are cheated on or fall victim to domestic violence

Therefore, persons who have separated from their previous spouse, have obtained a civil divorce but have not obtained a declaration of nullity from the Church, cannot stand at the altar a second time and take their marriage oath to someone else.

< Father Sebastian Picur, known from TikTok and YouTube, answers the question of an internet user who wanted to know why church law does not provide for divorce for people who are cheated on or beaten by their spouse.

As it turns out, the priest cannot ignore such a question. As he explained in the short video, church law provides for separation in such situations, or for a marriage annulment attempt to be made through a church investigation.

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Many, however, know from their own experience that in such a situation, the aggrieved person, even if separated, has no right to be associated with anyone else, despite the breakdown of marriage until she proves herself that her marriage does not meet the criteria set by the Church institution. Such an investigation takes up to several years and is extremely costly …