Cinema Scotiabank refused to show TIFF films Netflix and Amazon (PHOTOS)

Кинотеатр Scotiabank отказался показывать на TIFF фильмы Netflix и Amazon (ФОТО)

Streaming services and movie theaters have long been fighting with each other, and now it has an impact on the International film festival in Toronto (TIFF).

The Scotiabank movie theater company Cineplex, which has become the largest platform to host the festival, said that they will not show any movie during TIFF, if production takes streaming services.

“Cineplex is a partner of TIFF for many years. But this year, new rules were introduced on site during the festival. As a result, we have planned movies streaming services in other theaters,” said festival Director Cameron Bailey and joana Vicente.

The Scotiabank movie theater – 14 screens and 4,500 seats, so the rejection of the screening of 9 films 4 Netflix and Amazon movies is a serious business.

“This year hundreds of fantastic films will be presented at the festival, and all we ask is give us the opportunity to show those pictures, the production Studio that understands and honors the importance of cinema,” said Cineplex.

Netflix films presented at TIFF: “the Marriage story” (Marriage Story), the “Two popes” (The Two Popes), a Laundry (The Laundromat) and “my name is Dolemite” (Dolemite Is My Name)th

The Amazon movies presented this year at TIFF: “Honey” (Honey Boy), Les Miserables, the “torture Report” (The Report) and “the Balloonists” (The Aeronauts). The goldfinch (The Goldfinch), the promotion of which deals with Warner Bros., exception.

In connection with the situation, the Netflix and Amazon instead of the cinema Scotiabank will be shown during the festival in the TIFF Bell Lightbox, which is much smaller, there are only 6 screens.