Circular economy: Quebecers want to get involved, but not pay

Circular economy: Quebecers want to get involved, but not pay


Quebecers are more interested in the circular economy than the rest of Canadians, but reluctant to put their hands in their pockets to promote this model, according to a study released on Wednesday. 

The survey conducted by Capterra reveals that more than half of Quebecers (57%) are aware of the principle of the circular economy, a rate higher than the national average (46%). Only 26% of Quebec consumers did not know the concept or the name, compared to 40% of Canadians. 

Remember that the circular economy designates a different way of acting in order to conserve and recover as many resources as possible. According to Québec Circulaire, “the circular economy is a new economic model that aims to decouple economic growth from the depletion of natural resources and environmental impacts through two main mechanisms: rethinking our production-consumption methods to consume less resources and protect the ecosystems that generate them and optimize the use of the resources that are already circulating in our societies.” 

The survey results also show that age would play a decisive role in participation consumers in the circular economy. In fact, 43% of pan-Canadian respondents aged 18 to 25 take companies' environmental practices into account “at least sometimes” before making a purchase, compared to 29% of those over 65. 

However, Quebecers seem divided on the cost of this model. Half of respondents do not want to pay more to support the circular economy. 

Among those interested in doing so, the majority (51%) would be willing to pay between 10% and 20% more while 37% want the price increase to remain below 10%. 

The survey was conducted in July among 1,006 consumers in Canada, including 219 in Quebec.