Cirrus refuses monetary compensation for the sake of the fight with Joshua (video)

Усик отказывается от денежной компенсации ради поединка с Джошуа (видео)

Alexander Krasyuk and Oleksandr Usyk

Co-promoter ex-absolute world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik (15-0, 12 KO’s) Alexander Krasyuk said that his client does not agree to retreat from the battle against the world champion in the heavyweight WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21 KO’s) for the money, as it is aimed at the status of the absolute world champion.

“The situation is not much changed from last year. The tendril was named the mandatory Challenger for the WBO belt. Since that time, he retains his status. He used his status of super champion, to become a contender in the heavyweight division. He already had the fight in hawaiite. Now he is preparing for his fight against Chisora and waiting for the announcement of the match,” said Krasyuk in an interview Bixing

“What we want to fight with Joshua before his unification bout with fury is not our imagination, these are the rules. These are the rules you need to follow.

The moustache also became the absolute world champion and left the belt vacant. Gave the opportunity to someone else to become champion. Cirrus has paid the price to become the mandatory Challenger.

Could we fight with Joshua to Pulev? In the beginning of the year we had some misunderstanding. Joshua had obligations to IBF and WBO. Pulev was chosen first because we had agreed, allowed it to stand. But with the condition that immediately after Joshua will fight with a Bullet, seeing the country”, – stressed the promoter.

“However, there was talk about the battle of Joshua – fury. I honestly, as a fan of Boxing, too, would like to see this fight. But, let me make a few remarks.

Similarly, like Joshua, fury has a mandatory defense. He needs to fight a contender to become a true champion of the WBC.

I also want to say that not only are these two British guys have ambitions to become the absolute world champion. The ambitions of Ukrainian are the same. The only difference between Joshua, fury and a Mustache that Mustache wants to be the absolute in two divisions. He lives it, praying for it, doing everything possible myself. It’s not a dream, this is his goal.

As the promoter of the Mustache, I have to protect his interests. Everything is easy when we have we have governing bodies that allow him to become a champion.

If the Tendril retreat for money? Listen, now every story. I think some money will force the Whiskers to stand aside? What money will make the ambitious athlete to abandon his purpose? It’s not a question of money, it is a question of heritage,” concluded Krasyuk.