City Council in Quebec: Gosselin and Dussault leave Quebec 21

Quebec city council: Gosselin and Dussault leave Quebec 21


Quebec 21 has only one member left at city hall: the two councilors Jean-François Gosselin and Bianca Dussault have left the party.

< p>It was written in the sky. With the irreconcilable differences between them, the two clans within the party officially separated on Thursday with the departure of Gosselin and Dussault, who will now sit as independents. Éric Ralph Mercier will now be the only elected official wearing the colors of the political formation.

The councilor indicated that it is painful for her to leave a party that she built in 2017 with Mr. Gosselin. She assures that her colleague and she do not look at Quebec Forte et Fière, the party of mayor Bruno Marchand. “It's like a divorce. We're not looking for something else right away.” 

The two advisers are giving up on “a big budget” of $500,000 to commit resources. This one remains indeed within Quebec 21 for the firm of Éric Mercier. There remains $50,000 per year for each.  

In a last-ditch negotiation, the two dissidents recently tried to negotiate a transfer of $150,000 of the budget in order to be able to hire a no one to help them. This was denied to them.

“It's illegal,” said Patrick Paquet, a few minutes later. “We have a party to rebuild. The money will stay in the cabinet.” 

For Éric Mercier, the departure of the two elected officials was received with “relief”. “Finally, we will be able to move forward and rebuild a party that looks like us. I have surrounded myself with people I trust.” 

Return of Mélançon?

The party will change its name, image and logo , indicated the two men.  

Stevens Mélançon, who had already left Quebec 21 to sit as an independent, could return to the political party. “We are going to have announcements to make to you, slipped Mr. Paquet. It is certain that I intend to approach Mr. Mélançon so that he returns to the party. He has no reason not to come back. Mr. Mélançon is a builder.” 

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