City Councilman Jay Robinson resigns due to breast cancer (PHOTOS)

Городской советник Джей Робинсон уходит с поста из-за рака груди (ФОТО)

City councillor Toronto Jay Robinson stated that she needed to take a break from work in the city hall, as it plans to focus on her health after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In his written statement, which was published on Tuesday, Robinson, who is also Chairman of the Transport Committee of Toronto (TTC), said that she recently was diagnosed and now it is a huge long-lasting treatment plan.

However, she reported that work on the post of the Chairman of the TTC, it will continue, relying on the assistance of the Vice-Chairman and team colleagues.

Mayor John Tory has already declared that the city fully supports the counselor, which have to go through the difficult treatment.

“Since her election in 2010, Jay established itself as one of the most hardy and resolute advisers at city hall. Even after she was diagnosed and she began her treatment, Jay last Thursday at city hall oversaw the Commission meeting TTC. I am confident that the strength, strength of character and determination will help her in her treatment,” he wrote in his statement. He also expressed the hope of the imminent return of Robinson to the city Council.