City leaders urged the party to make the funding permanent (PHOTOS)

Главы городов призвали партии сделать финансирование постоянным   (ФОТО)

Heads of municipalities of Canada, including mayor John Tory, urged the Federal parties to commit themselves not only to confirm that the billions of dollars that the current government has allocated for infrastructure will be directed to these purposes, but to increase and extend these investments.

The Federal government has committed $ 28.7 billion on the development of the public transport system in the period up to 2027, and 26.9 billion dollars in funding for green infrastructure and $ 25.3 billion for funding social infrastructure.

Money help the municipalities to solve many problems, including Toronto, where it is expected that 856 million Federal dollars to address transport problems will come under the first phase of the program, which expires in 2020.

Representatives of the Federation of canadian municipalities, however, want the leaders of the major parties of Canada pledged to extend the funding and after 2027.

On Thursday they held a Toronto press conference organized to present their official campaign platform.

One of the key points of this platform is the call to establish “a permanent mechanism of financing public transport”, which will allow municipalities to plan projects knowing that they will have the necessary Federal funds to implement them.

Tory added that he and other municipal leaders do not have will ask increase annual funding on what was already allocated for infrastructure, but they must have confidence that they can expect to receive similar amounts of funding over a longer period of time.

He said that, unfortunately, the leaders of the liberal, conservative and Chaing parties to date stated only that “will retain the amount that was already allocated”.

Tory said he has no plans to support any party in the election campaign, but will meet and urge candidates to support the platform FCM, which, in his words, “is a roadmap of how municipalities of all sizes need to work with the Federal government.”

In addition to calls for additional infrastructure investments in the platform States that the Federal parties should commit themselves to increase twice the tax on gasoline that goes to the city Treasury.

In the budget of 2019, the liberal government has committed one-time to provide municipalities with additional funds received from the collection of the tax on gasoline in the amount of 819,4 million dollars in assistance in infrastructure financing.

FCM President bill Karsten told reporters that the doubling of the municipal portion of the tax on gasoline is “the most effective and appropriate measure that could be taken by the next government to improve life in the settlements regardless of their size”.

He said this will also help to make adjustments to the fact that municipalities are responsible for 60% of public infrastructure in Canada, but receive only 10% of each tax dollar.

“If the Federal party are serious about improving the standard of living, they need to expand the powers of those authorities, which are in close proximity to ordinary Canadians,” he said.