Claimed item of $100 thousand: robbery looters of Walmart in Florida was caught on video

In Florida, hundreds of looters broke into a closed Walmart and stole goods worth more than $100 000. About it writes Daily Mail.

Унесли товара на $100 тысяч: ограбление мародерами Walmart во Флориде попало на видео

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The incident occurred on the night of 30 may, during the protests over the death of an African-American George Floyd in Tampa and surrounding areas.

The County Sheriff’s office Hillsboro appealed to the public to help identify looters who looted the Walmart on 2701 East Fletcher Avenue in Tampa.

Recording from surveillance cameras inside Walmart, which was published by the Sheriff’s Department, shows a huge crowd of people who make their way inside the store and then robbing him.

The record shows that the looters are rushing down the aisles and stealing goods, mostly electronics, including big-screen TVs.

Some of the attackers try to hide their faces from cameras, but others don’t seem concerned about the risk of being seen. At the end of the video shows how the thieves run out of a looted store with their trophies.

According to a statement from the Sheriff’s office, the incident began to unfold at 21:10, when a crowd gathered outside the Walmart, which was closed because of the protests caused by the killing of a black George Floyd police officer of Minneapolis.

The people broke glass doors and stormed into the store.

After reviewing surveillance video, detectives believe the went to the store about 200 people. Walmart reported stolen goods and damages in the amount of $116 000.

“Not only that this violence is completely unacceptable, it was disrespectful to the protesters who were there that night, trying to Express his message in a legal way, said Sheriff Chad Chronister. — We are actively working to identify each of these suspects and ask the public to provide any information which they may be.”

Anyone with information about the robbery should contact the Sheriff’s office of Hillsborough County at (813) 247-8200.