Cleaning tombstones can be tedious. These tricks can help speed up the process. Effective methods for wax residue and more

The first of November is fast approaching.

 Cleaning tombstones can be tedious. These tricks can speed up the process. Effective methods for wax residues and more

However, this is not the only moment in anticipation of which people visit the graves of their relatives in order to clean up the tombstones and remove any wax stains. Many, remembering well the last-minute changes introduced by the government to prevent the cultivation of the Polish tradition, decide to clean up the tombstone much earlier.

Make unpleasant chores easier and indulge in memories and reflections faster

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It's no secret that cleaning various types of tombstones is not an easy, quick and pleasant activity. It is not only about the circumstances of visiting relatives, but also about technical matters related to the difficulty in cleaning the material from which the tombstone was made, without fear that it will be damaged in any way.

Depending on what the tombstone is made of, we should adapt the means, tools and methods of cleaning to prevent damage. A good solution is the most ordinary hot water in the world, which will certainly dissolve most of the impurities formed on the stone, and will also make it easier to wipe off the wax residue.

For cleaning, it is best to use tools that will not scratch the surface of the plates tombstones, with plastic or wooden elements being a good example. When using them, we certainly won't damage the granite slab.

Another tombstone cleaning agent is water mixed with vinegar, which is soaked in the sponge used to clean the tombstone. In some sources, it is recommended in some sources of methyl chloride, which is a very active, caustic substance and under no circumstances should it be used without the basic elements of protective clothing, such as gloves or a mask.

< p> After using this chemical, wipe the cleaned surface with lemon juice. We must remember that before applying any agent or tool on the entire surface of the tombstone, check it in an inconspicuous place in order to check the effect on a given surface.