Clear skin and healthy appearance: called the optimal duration of sleep


Чистая кожа и здоровый вид: названа оптимальная продолжительность сна

Because of the poor quality of sleep in humans, there are red veins in the eyes, sallow complexion, wrinkles. Experts from UK decided to find out what quantity of hours to devote to sleep to avoid these and other consequences, reports .

In addition to the aesthetic component, the researchers note, the lack of sleep also affects your mood and cognitive abilities. In order to protect yourself from illnesses, you need to sleep nine hours and ten minutes. Moreover, the optimal time bedtime is 21:45 and Wake – up 06:55.

Expert Neil Robinson, participated in the study noted that the suggested sleep time is very different from the one in which he used to sleep most adults, but adherence will invariably affect appearance and General health.

“Many of us tend to look and feel good, and they spend a large amount. However, we seem to forget the role of sleep in this issue,” he said.

Previously, scientists from the University of Arizona found that insufficient and ineffective sleep increases blood pressure.

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