Climate crisis: a twentieth rally for Mothers at the front

Climate crisis: a twentieth rally for Mothers at the front


Members of the Mères au front collective gathered for a twentieth Sunday in front of the office of the Premier of Quebec in Montreal to ask the government to “listen to science” and “respond with urgency” to the climate crisis.

Since April 3, the Frontline Mothers have been meeting every Sunday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in front of François Legault's office in Montreal on Sherbrooke Street to remind him “of the government's responsibility to respond to the climate emergency to protect the future of present and future generations”.

“As a mom, my dearest wish is that the government respects the GHG reduction target emitted by science. We only have 8 years left to reduce our emissions by 65% ​​– the equivalent of two political mandates!”, recalled Kareen Guillaume, who is part of Mothers at the front, in a press release.

“Mothers have been taking turns for twenty precious Sundays in front of the Prime Minister's office to remind the government that it is essential to implement the multiple solutions available today,” she added.

These mothers and grandmothers who demonstrate every week are asking the government in particular “that all political decisions be scrutinized from now on for their environmental impact”.

According to them, this would make it possible to avoid accentuating the climate crisis and to identify mitigation and mitigation measures from the outset in the decisions and policies of all ministries.

A reduction in emissions of 65% by 2030< /strong>

The fast approaching provincial elections are an opportunity for the outgoing government and the candidates to put forward their ambition and their solutions to deal with the environmental crisis, believe the Mothers at the front.

“In the context of the next provincial elections, it is to the current executive, but also to the entire political class of Quebec that we address each Sunday”, have clarified those calling for a 65% reduction in emissions by 2030, in line with the recommendations of the IPCC.

Mères au front has 30 active groups in several cities across the province, bringing together thousands of women from all walks of life.