Clinton issued a “joke letter” Kennedy, Khrushchev-style trump

Клинтон опубликовала «шуточное письмо» Кеннеди к Хрущеву в стиле Трампа

The former candidate in US presidents from democratic party Hillary Clinton that in 2016, the year the elections were won by Donald trump, has presented a humorous letter “to trunovskom style” aimed allegedly American President John Kennedy, the first Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev at the height of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. It was published in her Twitter microblog.

The text is an appeal to comply with American demands. “Dear Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Don’t be a dick about it, OK? Remove its missiles from Cuba. All say: “Hey, Khrushchev, you’re the best.” But if you do not, all of these “What a jerk!”. After that, Kennedy allegedly said that these actions Khrushchev “squeezing his nuts” and later promises to “tinkle”.

Cuban missile crisis — a sharp aggravation in Soviet-American military-political relations during the cold war — has caused the expansion of Soviet military presence in Cuba, located 200 kilometers from US. 9 September 1962, as part of the secret operation “Anadyr” on Cuba at the initiative of the Soviet leader Khrushchev brought the first Soviet ballistic missiles. Later they were delivered nuclear warheads.

This operation was a reprisal for the deployment of American missiles in Turkey and Italy, as well as the threat of American military invasion of Cuba. As a result, the Americans were forced to remove its missiles from Turkey and not to implement a full-scale attack on Cuba.

Клинтон опубликовала «шуточное письмо» Кеннеди к Хрущеву в стиле Трампа