Cloning dogs and Emoji at the court: what we were surprised by 2019

Each passing year in its own way sums up the results. Journalist Tom Whitwell, for example, made a large collection of incredible facts that he learned in 2019. Lifehacker chose the most interesting. Talk about the cloning of police dogs, the use of emojis in court and about why drying cherries with a helicopter.

Клонирование собак и эмодзи в суде: чем нас удивил 2019 год

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1. Every year humanity produces transistors is 1,000 times more than corn, rice and wheat combined.

2. Emoji begin to appear as evidence in court cases, which featured correspondence. This seriously concerned with the lawyers, because there is no clear rules of interpretation of the symbols in the sequence.

3. Bizzy is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. Every year it sold almost 10 billion litres, almost all of the volume comes from China. The second most popular drink — vodka. It is sold only 5 billion liters per year.

4. At least three private companies in 2019 were victims of audiochannels. In each case, a computerized voice clone of the Director General were called “senior financial officer to request an immediate transfer of money”.

5. Buy drunk driving can bring a $ 45 billion a year, and only 6% of people regret such spending.

6. In the period from 1880 to 1916 Ireland had its own time zone, which was 25 minutes and 21 seconds less than the average time across Greenwich.

7. The benefit and effectiveness of the 10,000 daily steps has never been proven by research. This standard could appear for the reason that the Japanese manufacturer of the tracker felt the character 万, meaning 10 000, very similar to the character of the walk.

8. AliExpress is becoming more and more mechanical devices for the winding numbers on the smartphone pedometer or fitness wristband. Many people buy them to show on the Network is incredibly active life.

9. The number of staff of the Korean police force is composed of five dogs that are clones of a dog named Quinn. It was he who in 2007 in just 20 minutes, found the body of a missing girl whom the police were looking for in a month’s time.

10. From the point of view of botany, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and pumpkin is a fruit. And the mushrooms, and truffles in particular, have more in common with people than with plants.

Клонирование собак и эмодзи в суде: чем нас удивил 2019 год

Photo: Depositphotos

11. In the Northwest USA rain often damages the fruits on cherry trees. To quickly dry them after a shower, use helicopters: pilots pay to fly over gardens, dried trees descending flow of air.

12. Facebook develops Fashion++: a project based on computer vision that for a photo of your outfit offers “minimal amendments for improving the way”. In particular, the system may advise to wear a scarf to tuck in your shirt or remove any accessory.

13. Worldwide industry of perfumes behind the cosmetics and personal skin care. Why? Because you can’t smell a selfie.

14. 80% of prisoners released at the end of 2018, following the presidential pardon, decided to return to the infamous prison of Makala, in Kinshasa (Congo). The reason — absence of means of subsistence.

15. Chips Cheetos Flamin Hot was invented as a janitor at the Frito‑Lay factory. He is now Vice‑President of sales at PepsiCo America.

16. Some blind people are able to understand speech, which is almost three times faster than normal. They can use speech synthesizers at a speed of 800 words per minute (in normal conversational speech in 120-150 words a minute). Studies show that the processing of sound allows you to speed up the part of the brain that is typically responsible for response to light.

17. In 2012, only one sports team (“Manchester United”) was worth more than $ 2 billion. Today there are 52.

18. The man who bought the car number is NULL, I got bills to pay Parking tickets at $ 12,000. And all because the accounting system records a NULL value if the license plate of the violator failed to commit.

19. Placebo drugs are so effective that can provide results without direct application. In a recent study it was proven that even the possession of anesthetic cream, devoid of active ingredients helps to reduce pain.

20. Since the 1960s British motorway designed by the computer as a series of long curves, not straight lines. This is done for security reasons (less sleepy) and aesthetics (looks like a sculpture of Grand scale).