Club Bekhema ustanovil record the MLS championship

Клуб Бекгема встановив антирекорд чемпіонату MLS

Did Beckham

Pavlasek “Ntera Mam” Did Beckham pdimov his team after wkra newdialog debut in the MLS.

“May inter” becoming Perche at the history club in the MLS, that program n’yat Perche oftiny Igor.

“Nod road new house, and you need to do perepechino. “Manchester United” “real Madrid” La Liga I Prem courier-Liga Boule is not obudowa in one day… Team, the club gravc I potrebuyut hour, dwellers procurati, if the stench of ale tsogo casagaudi, us vagc chasi zdayutsya so far away. It’s important prelite hour, dwellers of podumat about those chogo mi dosage DOS… I pieuse sway team, our club I our chudovke fans… between terpinnya – TSE Chesnot”, – pilosiusculum Beckham in stogram.