Club of the English Premier League banned the handshake due to coronavirus

Клуб Английской Премьер-Лиги запретил рукопожатие из-за коронавируса

Steve Bruce (left) and Brendan Rodgers

The head coach of English Premier League – Newcastle Steve Bruce said that the club “darki Park” is now banned handshakes for fear of the disease coronaviruses.

On the eve of the “magpies” had to cancel a traditional ritual, when the players and staff greet each other by shaking hands. It was a kind of precaution against spreading disease.

“Here we have a ritual: every morning we shake hands. But on the advice of doctors we stopped doing it,” said Bruce to Sky Sports.

“Thank God, here we have a great doctor, and he will keep us informed of how we should be. We stuck to the TV screen and watching the spread of coronavirus. I hope the situation in this country deteriorates,” – said the head coach “Newcastle”.