CNBC: the U.S. Secretary of Commerce fell asleep during the speech trump at the UN General Assembly (PHOTO)

CNBC: Министр торговли США уснул во время речи Трампа на Генассамблее ООН (ФОТО)

The Minister of trade United States Wilbur Ross, apparently, fell asleep, listening to the speech of US President Donald trump at the UN General Assembly in new York, said on Tuesday CNBC. The Minister denied the news that had overtaken him at the meeting in the UN, and referred to their hearing AIDS.

According to the channel, during the speech of the President of the Ross eyes were closed for 15 minutes, including while trump talked about close to the Minister the theme – prospects of the trade agreement between the US and China. In addition, Ross ‘ eyes remained closed and during trump’s arguments about the U.S. position on Iran, reports “Interfax”.

Ross slept the entire speech trump, but when he opened his eyes, he still looked sleepy, the TV channel. Vice-President Michael Pence and Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, unlike Ross, it seems, listened carefully to the President’s speech, notes CNBC.

The Minister of trade, who in November will celebrate 82 years, not for the first time enters the field of view of the media because he falls asleep on the performances trump. So, in may of 2017 Ross fell asleep during the speech of the American leader in Saudi Arabia.

According to the publication Politico, Ross because of his habit to doze off at important meetings do not respect even subordinates. They also say that the Ministry in this regard, there was a “catastrophic” situation.

The US President Donald trump, speaking at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, in particular, urged the allies to increase defense spending, threatened Iran with new sanctions and called for radical reforms of the world trade organization (WTO).

The U.S. Department of Commerce responded quickly to the scandalous message on CNBC dozing head of the Department, to include denial. “This is a fake news – leads the Ministry review of the Ross. – I wear hearing AIDS and during the inspiring speech of the President of trump, which covered in detail the whole range of serious problems facing the world, focused on what was said.”

Wilbur Ross added that immediately after the speech, trump took part in bilateral meetings with the leaders of Britain and India. Then Ross should also participate in meetings with representatives of the UK and South Korea.

The Minister has already met or will participate in the talks with officials of the Pakistan, Poland, Egypt, Japan, Greece and Vietnam. Ross added that Sunday begins a 12-day trip during which he will hold meetings in London (UK), new Delhi (India), Bangalore (India), Yangon (Myanmar), Naypyidaw (Myanmar), Australian Canberra and Sydney. The Minister stressed that such a schedule can only withstand energetic people.

“Sleeping bureaucracy”

Russian officials also have to “mortal Kombat” sleeping during crucial meetings. So, Dmitry Medvedev videographers repeatedly “caught” trying to doze off at various events: the opening of the Olympics in Sochi in 2014
during the speech of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly in the same year and on similar messages in the next two years. All this became a cause for ridicule and creating memes.

In a sense, surpassed the sleeping officials on both sides of the Atlantic, the Annunciation city court judge Yevgeny Makhno. He was able to fall asleep during meetings, not just being in a chair the average listener, and the place of the presiding officer at the hearing. And awake, the judge Makhno announced the verdict, sending the defendant to five years in jail.

After the video with the sleeping judge went for a walk on the Internet, Yevgeny Makhno was fired. However, he soon got a job as a lawyer in the mining company, wrote “vestige”.

The worse is to officials of North Korea. They have not closed the century under pain of death. So, in 2016, as reported by informed sources, North Korea executed the Minister of education Lee Jong Jin. He was arrested after allegedly fell asleep during a meeting, attended by Kim Jong UN. He was later convicted of corruption and was accused of disrespect for the leader of the DPRK. For the penalty used anti-aircraft heavy machine gun.