Co-owner of the “New mail” accused the new government in the pressure on the business

Co-founder of the company “New mail” Vladimir Poperechnykh broke sharp criticism of the new government. Said that the team of President Vladimir Zelensky, “went on the offensive in business.” About this businessman wrote on his page in Facebook. And brought to this account the following arguments.

Совладелец «Новой почты» обвинил новую власть в давлении на бизнес

According to him, if the deputies pass the bill No. 1053 No. 1073, and thereby you will return canceled earlier by President Petro Poroshenko, “pjatikratno” and implement “a system of slander buyer for entrepreneur”. In addition, legislative initiatives include the increased use of registrars (PPO) and other initiatives on the “crackdown” for the business. Including the tax increase for IT.

“It became clear that we, the owners, are evil, and hostile special caste for them – it FLP” – he wrote, noting that something similar entrepreneurs have experienced during the reign of the previous government. But admitted that among ordinary Ukrainians there are also many supporters of the fight against FOP.

Совладелец «Новой почты» обвинил новую власть в давлении на бизнес

Poperechnykh noted that he understands the frustration that some may pay less, while others are forced to give more. Within this context, he recalled that “New mail” annually pays taxes in the amount of UAH 4 bn. According to him, FLP play a key role in the development of the economy and “thanks to them our economy is still alive and even growing gradually”.