Coach “Dnepr” took kickbacks from the players, with a salary of 4 million euros, – the President of “Ingulets”

Тренер "Днепра" брал откаты с игроков, имея зарплату в 4 млн евро, - президент "Ингульца"

Alexander Povoroznyk

The President of “Ingulets” Alexander povoroznyk said one of the possible reasons why Igor Kolomoisky stopped financing FC “Dnepr”.

“Kolomoisky is a wonderful guy. This person can be a lot useful to note. For example, stiffness and straightness in the relationship. When he’s right, it will go to the end. Because he’s right. He has this inner core, which is enviable. There are few persistent people like Kolomoisky. Everything he thinks, says eyes. Few can do it right to talk like him,” he said in an interview povoroznyk

“History c “Dnepr”? In his place I would have done the same. When the coach, “Dnipro”, I will not say the name, a salary of 4 million euros a year and when he invited players and took kickbacks for 100 thousand dollars from each player – is low and despicable. And when the President of the club removed this coach, he had the audacity to demand compensation for the dismissal. Kolomoisky went to the principle. That’s his position. Again, if I was duped on that kind of money, I would have done exactly the same,” said the owner of the Ingulets.

Not hard to guess that a technician, which can be discussed – Spanish coach Juande Ramos, who worked in Dnipro since 2010 to 2014-th year. Under his leadership “Dnepr” in 2013/14 was able to repeat his best result over the years of Ukraine’s independence since the 1992/93 season – to become the silver medalist, and first came to Champions League qualification.

In 2014 Ramos left Dnipro. In the summer of 2016 and signed a contract with the Spanish club “Malaga”.

Recall that in 2018, the year of its 100-year anniversary of FC “Dnepr” ceased to exist as a professional club. This event undoubtedly affected the decision of the FIFA for non-payment of debts of club before the coaching staff Ramos, in the amount of 1.35 million euros, the club was in 2017 transferred to the First, and a year later in the Second League.