Coach supernice “Shahtarya” on certify Play Wrapi visavisa about maibutne match

Наставник суперника "Шахтаря" по чвертьфіналу Ліги Європи висловився про майбутній матч

Marcel Koller

Naperedodni Basel for rakhunok Diego goals Fabian Frei obra frankfurtthe “Eintracht” in the framework of the match-and answers 1/8 finalu Play Vrapi I vishow to certify Turro, de Yogo bude sopernikom the “Shakhtar”.

On poslematchevoj presskonferens of head coach shvejtsarsko team Marcel Koller respown, scho zadowoleni actu Gris pdopa the first exit at nastupnu stage turnrow.

Moreover, Koller supinus according to aspects of the future podenco against donchan.

“At need Bulo good schematise dwellers not dati the opponents mozliwosci vgcreate account. Have nastupnogo match we will be taqiy Samy nastri the Yak today, it’s important everyone knows, what does Buda schematise time: Nadiya – of course, has to go through one round of ale sname scho “Shakhtar” – duzhe foldable team, the fact scho stink shvidki I duzhe Silin s look techni”, – zaznaev mentor “Basel”.

Gras budesa in Gelsenkirchen have butorok, 11 August. Match to responese about 22:00 for kiskeam hour.