‘Cocktail’ of antibodies: in the United States began tests of a new drug from COVID-19

Thursday, June 11, the company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals announced the first clinical trial of its experimental drug based on antibodies to the coronavirus, says CNBC.

'Коктейль' из антител: в США начали испытания нового лекарства от COVID-19

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“Cocktail” of antibodies may be tested in four groups of volunteers. Two groups will receive the drug to test its effectiveness for the treatment COVID-19; two more will receive the drug for possible prevention of disease.

“Hopefully, we will quickly carry out safety testing and then we will begin to understand the effectiveness of variants of this virus,” said chief scientific officer of Regeneron, Dr. George Yancopoulos.

In his opinion, “if all goes well”, the company can get “accurate information” about the effectiveness of the drug for several months.

“I think there are many reasons for hope,” said Yancopoulos, noting the company’s work to combat the Ebola virus. But he also emphasized the unpredictable nature of science and biology, saying that “there are always reasons for concern and caution”.

“Thus, we will very cautiously move forward, working closely with Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA), and we hope that sooner rather than later, will be able to answer is really can change the situation,” he said.

Regeneron is the latest at the moment the company began testing potential therapies COVID-19. Company Eli Lilly and Company, which began testing its drug in early June, promises treatment in September, if the tests are successful. Still in research antiviral drug ramdevpir (Remdesivir) from Gilead Sciences was the only one which has demonstrated some effectiveness in the treatment of coronavirus infection.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 7.4 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including more than 2 million in the United States. 417 100 people died worldwide, more than a quarter of all fatalities in the USA.

According to Yancopoulos, Regeneron drug is tested on four different types of patients, including “most patients” who are admitted to hospital and receive artificial respiration or oxygen. In addition, testing to determine whether medication to prevent the infection of people with high risk, e.g. health workers.

The drug, known as REGN-COV2, is a combination of two antibodies. Yancopoulos said Regeneron firmly believe that this is the correct approach to the treatment of COVID-19.

“As is the case with conventional antiviral drugs, at first, the tool can be of great benefit, but in the future may lead to the selection and development of viruses-mutants, which can be very dangerous, he said. — We show that in order to prevent this requires a cocktail of antibodies”.



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