Cocoa: why this drink is perfect for autumn and for women after age 40

A warm mug of cocoa can not only help to warm in cold weather and to lighten the mood. This drink is of great benefit, for example, heart and skin.

Какао: почему этот напиток идеален для осени и для женщин после 40 лет

Cocoa is a delicious drink that many of us love since childhood. However, not all know that it is very useful. This drink is a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases — it has a lot of vitamins and minerals, it improves blood flow to the brain and lowers blood pressure.

Cocoa can protect against viruses as well as improves immunity. Therefore, it is necessary to drink in the autumn wet weather. Cocoa provides energy and improves mood. It contained a substance tryptophan promotes the production in the human body of endorphins, called hormones of happiness. And this is exactly what you need in autumn!

Useful properties of cocoa can be listed for a long time. So take a closer look at why cocoa is very beneficial for women, especially after forty years. The fact that cocoa contains a substance kocagil, which is the building blocks of skin cells. And as you know by age 40, the skin becomes less elastic and to restore it requires more time.

Kocagil helps the skin to recover and prevent wrinkles. Beauticians are advised to drink cocoa in the morning because in addition to kokkila contains melanin, which protects skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. The lack of this substance occurs premature skin aging, age spots appear, possible peeling.