Cody Simpson confirmed the affair with Miley Cyrus romantic selfie

Australian pop singer Cody Simpson is clearly flattered by the keen interest which appeared to him after kissing Miley Cyrus. In proof that this was no accident, Cody shared their first joint picture with the star.

Коди Симпсон подтвердил роман с Майли Сайрус романтичным селфи

Black-and-white photographs, which Simpson has published in storis Instagram, 22-year-old singer Miley gently kisses on the forehead and she hugs his neck. And then he explained that the picture was taken in the morning. Just after Miley made him Breakfast — toast with banana slices and a smoothie.

Breakfast before swimming, kindly prepared by baby, — reads the caption under the selfie.

How long will their relationship and whether the couple has been together longer than Miley and Caitlin Carter, time will tell. However, we know that feelings for the singer Cody not new. In a recently discovered video from 2012 Simpson, who was then only 15 years old, admits he has always been a great lover of the singer.

I knew all the words to her songs, I’m not going to lie. I’m not ashamed of it. I think she will forever remain the most attractive Disney star.