Coeur de Pirate's first youth album: a return to school that makes you grow


For his first youth album, We are all different!, Cœur de Pirate tells the moving story of Clou, a little dog who dreams of his first day of school… but who is quickly disappointed by what he discovers. As soon as he sets foot in school, he feels his heart sink… He is not like the others and is told so. His parents and his teacher, Madame Truffe, will have to guide him on the path to self-confidence.

Through the character of Clou, inspired by her dog, Béatrice Martin presents a beautiful story , but also a story that speaks of difference and self-affirmation.

Clou, on the way to school, dreams of making a new friend, feels ready to learn. But he quickly becomes disillusioned when he arrives in class. The others know each other, they take the opportunity to make fun of him. We laugh at his spots. In short, the start of the new school year is trying.

The successful singer-songwriter wishes, through the adventure of Clou, to accompany children who are going through the crucial stage of the start of the school year.

In an email interview, Béatrice Martin explains that she had long dreamed of writing a children's album. 

“I've always loved children's books, I've read a lot of them throughout my life and I find that it's an excellent way to teach things to young and old alike.”


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Has she ever experienced, like Nail, a difficult start to school and rejection at school? 

“Absolutely, I experienced bullying when I was in elementary school, so it's something I know well, the apprehension of going back to school and the anxiety that comes with all that.”

Through the story of her characters, Béatrice transmits values ​​of acceptance, self-esteem, respect for difference. 

“I think future generations are really caring about differences in others, but we definitely have to keep talking about it. I always felt a bit left out as a kid, but maybe that was because I didn't have enough references to feel accepted.”

The Experience writing went really well and her experience as a singer-songwriter brought her a plus. She also made everything rhyme, in the text. “I really like the style of Ludwig Bemelmans, who wrote Madeline, and who made everything rhyme… like a nursery rhyme, finally, or a song.”

Finally, what would she say more important to a child who is apprehensive about going back to school? 

“That young people who are less nice are probably going through things themselves, than your parents are there for you, the teachers too, it may seem big at times, but it's just another step to take… To be honest, the list is long, and I can't give advice to all the children , but I would have liked to know that people were there for me when I was little.” 

♦ Béatrice Martin, known as Cœur de Pirate, is a singer, lyricist, author, composer, performer, pianist, businesswoman and now children's author.

♦ A narrated version of her story accompanied by an original song downloadable via a link inserted in the book is also free.

♦ Illustrator Jess Pauwels was born in Brussels and graduated from the Institut Saint-Luc. She has illustrated several books at Auzou.