Coffee will help get rid of baldness


Scientists from Germany found a nice and cheap way to combat baldness. When applied to areas of the head with thinning hair, extract caffeine promotes the appearance of new vegetation.

Кофе поможет избавиться от облысения

In the experiment, German researchers found that coffee is able to deliver men from the appearance of bald patches. However, the intake of a flavored beverage is unlikely to help with this kind of problem. Moreover, caffeine inhibits the production of testosterone, making it not so beneficial for men’s health.

To improve the condition of hair is to use extract caffeine. When applied on the affected bald area of the head, this substance has a healing and energizing effect. And if not all the dead follicles, helping to restore lost MOP.

If to compare the efficacy of the extract caffeine from normal coffee, then, for the same result, need to drink a day for 50 cups of the drink of energy. But, as the harm from this amount is much greater than the benefit, researchers recommend to use the extract from the seeds as hair mask.

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