Cognac is good for the heart? Dispelled the popular myth

Many people think that you can afford a few glasses of brandy “for health”. But experts have a different opinion to afford cognac is really possible, but not all, and only one drink.

Коньяк полезен для сердца? Развеян популярный миф

There is a widespread belief that the cognac has a beneficial effect on the heart. This is partly true, but only for healthy people and subject to use not more than 70 grams of beverage. We will look at why the myths about the benefits of alcohol should not believe.

First, you need to understand that any alcohol increases the pressure and dilates blood vessels. In addition, increases the load on the heart. Therefore, people with cardiovascular diseases from it should be abandoned altogether.

How to “work” cognac? The peculiarity lies in the fact that initially it dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure slightly — here at this useful the action ends. Moreover, this effect is quite short – in the use of brandy in quantities more than the recommended, it doesn’t work at all. The pressure starts to gallop, and my heart is racing. This is the most dangerous effect of such jumps much wear out the heart muscle and can lead to rupture of the fibers.

Additionally, the cognac is dangerous because the provoke the emission of adrenaline and noradrenaline into the blood. So this drink is completely contraindicated to those who suffered a heart attack. From brandy should refuse and those who suffer from problems with blood pressure or has a predisposition to cardiovascular disease.