Collaboration: The Port of Quebec is inspired by France

Collaboration: The Port of Quebec is inspired by France


Mario Girard was charmed by the presentation of the mayor of Le Havre, France, who touted his model of merging the ports of the Seine, music to the ears of the CEO, who dreams of a collaboration increased for those of the St. Lawrence.

The president and CEO of the Quebec Port Authority received yesterday during a panel the mayor of Le Havre and former French prime minister, Édouard Philippe, who is also president of the International Association of Cities and Ports, as well as Stéphane Raison, president of Haropa Port, which brings together the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris. 

Mr. Philippe explained the French model, which relies on collaboration between the ports rather than over the competition. 

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Collaboration: The Port of Quebec is inspired by France

< strong>Édouard Philippe
Mayor of Le Havre

“We started with collaboration, then we went to fusion. Now we have a single port along the axis [of the Seine]. And we see that it is more attractive for private investment, that it is more effective in the relationship with the customer, and that therefore it works better. » Mr. Philippe also notes the similarities between the strategic location of the ports of the Seine – maritime gateway to Europe – and that of the Saint-Laurent, which gives access to the North American continent.

For M. Raison, the future lies in collaboration. He reminds us that working together is more efficient economically, but also ecologically.

For Mario Girard, this is “inspiring”. “We have a lot to learn from what they have done, from their experience. We can obtain much better environmental, commercial and biodiversity results. We think there's a lot of gain in building on what they've done.”

The desire for collaboration was expressed in June between the ports of Quebec, Montreal and Trois-Rivières, but several legal obstacles stand in the way of a complete merger, recalls the CEO. Under the law, ports are forced to compete on certain aspects. Mr. Girard has great hopes for the upcoming overhaul of the federal maritime law, which he would like to be “more modern”. 

Meeting with Marchand< /p>

In the afternoon, the mayor of Le Havre met his counterpart Bruno Marchand. The two discussed the points they have in common, including the fact that their cities are classified as World Heritage. 

For Mr. Philippe, the two cities face the same challenges. For example, they wonder how to protect their heritage in the context of climate change. “It is an exchange of good practices, of reflections. […] How do we protect our heritage by adapting it, how do we make it known while protecting it from overtourism? These questions are fascinating. »

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