Collectors will be happy to buy such a TV from you. If you have one, you can gain a lot

When history comes full circle and old items come in handy again, it's worth checking the contents of the attic.

 Collectors will be happy to buy such a TV from you. If you have one, you can gain a lot

You can find real treasures there, the value of which we may not even know. An obvious and frequent issue that is discussed in the media is money from the times of the Polish People's Republic, clothes from that period, which, if kept in good condition, can be worth a lot, crystal knick-knacks or colored glass.

returns to favor. Who is looking for a retro CRT?

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People often come back more and more willingly to old models of top-loading washing machines, such as Frania, which will be perfect for a longer stay on the plot. However, there are RTV appliances that are also experiencing their renaissance. The CRT TV models are now hugely sought after by collectors who fondly play on old video games, as is the case with the popular Nintendo.

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In addition to remembering the old climate of the time in youth or childhood, fans of retro games look for CRT screens and TVs due to technical and graphic requirements, which may not be met by modern flat-screen TVs.

Therefore, it is very possible that old models returning to favor, dusty somewhere in the attic or in the basement, will be worth up to several hundred zlotys and will be eagerly purchased by a collector who wants to complete the entire gaming equipment as in the old days.

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This is best explained by Konstanty Młynarczyk, an expert in this field – There are many reasons & oacute For those who are interested in retro games, CRT monitors or televisions are a natural choice. First of all, it is Amiga, Commodore, SNES or Nintendo 64 that are adapted to work with them, so there are no problems with adapters and conversion of analog signal to digital – explains the great return. t cathode ray tube to the market.