College students wrote the chemistry exam with boxes on head

Ученики колледжа писали экзамен по химии с коробками на голове

In India used to write in College chemistry exam with boxes on his head. This practice was implemented to ensure that they are not copied from the neighbors on the Desk. About it reports BBC.

In the state of Karnataka in one of the College students passed the chemistry exam with boxes on their heads. The administrator said that the school used this method as experiment to the students are cheated from the neighbors. Employee of the College said that this move was coordinated with the students, and they even brought their boxes to implement unusual ideas.

It is reported that regional officials saw the pictures of the students with boxes on his head and called for the College to appeal against this incident. One of the officials called the practice “inhumane”.

The College administrator apologized to district officials.

However, officials intend to impose disciplinary measures against employees of the institution. Official representatives of the College said that had stopped to use this method against cheating.