Colon cancer: how to recognize it

Colon cancer usually grows slowly over many years, in the early stages it causes minor or nonspecific symptoms. German doctors called signs, which must be avoided.

Рак толстой кишки: как его распознать

The term “colon cancer” summarizes the various malignancies of the intestine. Approximately two thirds of the cases the tumor is detected in the slice of the colon, approximately 30% smite the rectum or the transition from her tumor in the small intestine are very rare.

Colon cancer develops in most cases of intestinal polyps or benign tumors (adenoma), its overall development is rather slow process that can take years. In the early stages of colon cancer does not cause any characteristic symptoms, and on later stages the signs of this cancer can be very nonspecific. The sooner will be diagnosed with cancer of the colon, the more the chances of recovery, say the doctors.

Colon cancer is the only cancer that can be cured almost 100%, provided that it has been detected early enough. Colon cancer is formed from precursors, so-called polyps, which can be revealed during inspection of the intestine. These polyps are not malignant at an early stage, but mouthparts in tumors. The polyp bowel requires about 10 years to become a tumour.

First of all, pass the gut check should be people who already had cancer of the colon. The data is such that about 30 percent of all cases of colon cancer due to family history or genetic reasons. Family members of patients with colon cancer can be 50 percent more susceptible to disease. People whose relatives fell ill with colon cancer should be screened at an early age.

Possible signs of colon cancer. Symptoms of colorectal cancer can be non-specific at all stages and appear as

Blood in the stool for colon cancer. Her appearance is possible with cancer, but blood in the stool does not always indicate it is on cancer. If the blood is light red and not mixed with stool, most likely it appears because of hemorrhoids. For colon cancer the characteristic dark blood and its impurities in the feces.

In addition, blood in the stool when cancer may be present, but to determine it by eye is impossible, since its amount is not enough. To detect occult blood test can only medical tests.

Changes in the bowel. They can be a sign of colon cancer. In particular, a typical colon cancer is constant and inexplicable changes between constipation and diarrhoea.

In addition, people can pester flash gases which are also the particles of a chair, pointing to the loss of function of the sphincter. This phenomenon may help to detect colorectal cancer, if you treat him to the doctor.

The symptoms of metastatic colon cancer. At a late stage colon cancer can spread and form metastases in other organs. Often this affects the liver, lungs, bones, brain. Typical symptoms of such lesions be the following manifestations:

According to experts, a healthy way the risk of developing colon cancer fashionable reduce. A diet high in fiber and low in red meat, abstinence from alcohol and nicotine reduce the risk of developing this disease, while type 2 diabetes , obesity, and inactivity – promoting.