Colorectal cancer must be a priority, argues CCS

Colorectal cancer must be a priority, argues CCS


The Canadian Cancer Society calls for colorectal cancer care to be made a health priority, as this disease caused 2,600 deaths out of 6,400 Quebecers diagnosed in 2021. 

The organization deplores the fact that Quebec is the only province in Canada that does not have an organized screening program for colon cancer, when this type of cancer is the second leading cause of death after cancer of the lungs. 

The CCS therefore recommends the deployment of such a program for the benefit of two million Quebecers, which would make it possible to detect cancer at an early stage, even before the appearance of signs and symptoms of the disease.

The tobacco industry is in the crosshairs of the organization, which is proposing an annual fee of $30 million to manufacturers of tobacco products as compensation for the amounts linked to the tobacco control.

According to CCS data, tobacco is the leading cause of avoidable death in Quebec, in addition to having significant consequences on the economy and the health care system, as 13,000 Quebecers die annually from the consequences of smoking. 

Access to palliative care quality is a priority issue for the organization, which is campaigning for unified governance with the creation of an observatory and an increase in investments to lighten emergency rooms and intensive care units.

Taking advantage of the campaign current election, the CCS calls on the political parties on the need for an emergency plan to make up for the delays in surgeries and cancer screening.