Coming soon: where and how can I know the results of drawing of green card DV-2021

To check the status of applications for the lottery green card in the lottery for 2021 (DV-2021) will be from may 5, 2020 September 30, 2021, according to the U.S. Department of state. This period will be available the results of the raffle, which was held from 2 October to 5 November 2019.

Уже скоро: когда и как можно узнать результаты розыгрыша грин-карт DV-2021

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To check your status on the website for this you have to enter the confirmation number of lottery participant, and specify the name and year of birth of the applicant.

If a page you find the email with the barcode and their data, you win. However, to obtain the coveted green card, you need to go through several stages, about which we wrote earlier.

This is the only way to learn about the lottery results. No email or other mail, the state Department would not send it.

The only electronic message you can get from the US state Department is a reminder to check your status after the lottery. Moreover, the official Agency will never ask you to do money transfers. Be especially careful if you have applied through an intermediary.

It is worth remembering that winning the lottery does not guarantee a green card. To immigrate to the United States, you must meet all the requirements that apply to applicants for immigrant visas.

If you are currently receiving notification about winning a green card are already in the US, you have the opportunity to change your status in the US immigration. More information can be found on the official website of the program.

A green card is a proof that a permanent resident who does not have citizenship of that state. It, inter alia, gives the right to work, benefits to education and the opportunity to apply for citizenship.

Also, until 30 September 2020, you can check the results of lottery green card lottery for the year 2020 (DV-2020). After this date persons who won the lottery will not be able to apply for a green card.

Registration for participation in the lottery DV-2021 took place in the period from October 2, 2019 November 5, 2019, to participate in the lottery DV-2020 — from October 3, 2018 November 6, 2018.

Уже скоро: когда и как можно узнать результаты розыгрыша грин-карт DV-2021

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If you won the Green Card: next steps

ForumDaily previously published step-by-step manual for those who won the Green Card. Here are the key points that you will have to do.

On the website of the Consular Electronic Application Center you need to fill out an immigration visa application form form DS-260. It is filled in English. The questionnaire should specify the personal data, family status, provide information about the place of work, school, the criminal records.

The necessary documents that need to be collected before the interview: full list is here. All documents which are not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation. No notarisation or apostille is not required.

Medical examination to pass only in special certified centers, the addresses of which can be found on the website. The price of this procedure — an average of $215 each family member planning to immigrate (in different countries the price may differ by $10-15), and separately paid vaccination. Read more about this in our material.

Interview. You will need originals and translations into English of all documents, medical examination results and the invitation for an interview. On the spot at the Embassy, you need to pay the application fee for each family member. But that’s not a guarantee that coveted visa to the United States in your hands. An interview is not less important stage than the preparation of documents or a medical examination. The main purpose of an interview is to make sure applied precisely the people who came to the interview, to remove fingerprints and compare them with the database to see the results of medical examination and check of all documents.

It is important to remember: winning a green card is only half the battle, the main thing – as you will be able to realize themselves in America. For example, read the story of a Hollywood producer Valerie Phil, which won a green card in the lottery and didn’t want to move.

Or learn how Kazakh photographer, traveler, and participant of expeditions Janat Aithozhin won a green card at the second attempt. He now lives in Seattle. For anyone interested, he shared useful tips and details of the process — from the questionnaire before moving to the United States.

About his own work on the bugs after winning a green card told blogger Alexander Rusak.

You can be a success story of the Odessa Lion Savitsky, who won a green card — he became a photographer in the United States, his posters adorn Times Square in new York.

We also talked about what to do if you didn’t win a green card. Also, remember that in addition to lottery Green Card, there are at least nine other ways to stay in the United States for permanent residence.

In addition, everyone who came to the United States, is to make some basic documents: to apply for a Bank card, social security number and American identity.

The holder of the green card should definitely know about their rights and responsibilities — read our material.

You can also learn about what 8 types of green cards and the reason for their preparation, to apply to immigrants in the United States.

Many holders of green cards dream of his own house, but believe that their dream is unattainable. ForumDaily wrote about how the holder of a green card may purchase housing in the United States.

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