Comment on immigration: according to Dominique Anglade, Jean Boulet can no longer be a minister

Comments on immigration: according to Dominique Anglade, Jean Boulet can no longer be a minister


SHERBROOKE | Jean Boulet cannot remain minister after comments he made about immigrants, says Liberal leader Dominique Anglade.

“Yes, obviously, he was disqualified for everything,” commented Ms. Anglade Thursday morning, after a lunch with her candidates from the Estrie region. 

The outgoing Minister of Immigration affirmed last week that 80% of immigrants “do not work, do not speak French, or do not adhere to the values ​​of Quebec society”. He has since apologized, saying he “expressed his thoughts badly”.   

Prime Minister François Legault quickly declared that Mr. Boulet had “disqualified” himself for Immigration, without however specifying whether he could obtain a new portfolio in a future mandate. In addition to Immigration, Jean Boulet is currently Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity.  

“I do not even understand that he is still a minister, as we speak, since he is disqualified, but he is the disqualified of everything. Is it someone who could be a minister in another department, with comments he made like these? In any case, that will never be the case under a Liberal government,” says Ms. Anglade.  

Unlike Éric Duhaime a little earlier, the Liberal leader did not go as far as to publicly question Mr. Boulet's candidacy for the CAQ.   

As for the remarks of Premier François Legault, according to whom it would be “suicidal” to accept more immigrants, Dominique Anglade describes them as “unworthy”.  

The Liberal leader deplores the climate of the current election campaign. “Honestly, from the memory of a woman, from the memory of recent years, to make such remarks, I have not seen them in politics”, she underlines.  

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