Commitments to meet the needs of students requested by professionals

Commitments to meet the needs of claimed students by professionals


As the elections approach, many groups share their expectations for the next government and the Federation of Education Professionals of Quebec (FPPE-CSQ) is no exception asking for clear commitments to meet the needs of students in the province. 

“We are not alone in denouncing that the few services offered to students do not meet their needs. However, it is a right enshrined in the Education Act to receive adequate services,” said FPPE President Jacques Landry, referring to the Québec Ombudsman's report published last June. /p>

Thus, the Federation is asking in particular for funding better adapted to the needs of the students, the setting up of a multidisciplinary team around the student and an offer of public professional service directly in the student's environment.

“Each professional.le has their own lens on the student and it is by combining all these visions that we can find the best solutions to facilitate student learning and development” explained Mr. Landry.

Finally, the FPPE is calling for a threshold of one professional for 75 students. This would increase the number of school professionals to 17,000 instead of 8,500.

“What Quebec students need is a government that has the courage to improve salaries and working conditions of professionals to attract them and retain them where it counts, with them”, concluded the president of the FPPE.