Compared to TV show: what trump said during his address to Congress

The President of the United States Donald trump delivered the regular annual address to the nation “About the situation in the country,” listing in detail the economic achievements of his administration. About the upcoming on Wednesday, February 5, voting on their own impeachment in the Senate, the White house chose not to mention. About it writes BBC.

Сравнивают с телешоу: что Трамп сказал во время обращения к Конгрессу

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The third annual US President’s speech to both houses of the Congress began with the Pacific scandal. Contrary to tradition, the house of representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi did not become the head of state with “a great honor For us to welcome the President of the United States…”

Instead, the leader of the Democrats he said: “the President of the United States Donald trump”, still reaching the head of the White house’s hand for greeting.

The trump outstretched hand of the speaker pointedly ignored, and turned away from her, greeted the Republicans in Congress, who held the podium from the left half of the hall.

In response to Nancy Pelosi as defiantly deepened in front of her paper.

Contrary to expectations, in his speech, Donald trump did not mention about the upcoming the next day in the Senate voting on their own impeachment. Instead, the US President chose for almost one and a half hours to talk about the economic achievements of his administration, who, in his words,”in the short three years” to provide “great American comeback”.

He said that his predecessor, Barack Obama has provoked rising unemployment and crime in the country has allowed “uncontrolled illegal immigration” and forced American business to transfer production to other countries.

“In just three short years, we got rid of the notion that America is in decline, and we rejected the idea saying that the American future should be modest, — said the head of the White house. — We are now moving forward with a speed that until recently it was impossible to imagine, and we’ll never turn back”.

A large part of his speech, trump has dedicated strongholds of the us economy, including low unemployment, emphasizing how it helped the workers and the middle class. He highlighted the role of new trade agreements it has signed, including the first phase of the agreement with China and the agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada, writes “Voice of America”.

Trump said that for the protection of American liberty, his administration invested a record $2.2 trillion in the U.S. armed forces.

“We bought the best aircraft, missiles, ships and various other types of military equipment – and all of it was produced in the United States of America,” the President said.

“We also finally make our allies were carrying their fair share of the costs, he added. – I increased the contribution of other NATO countries more than $400 billion, and the number of allies which have met the minimum obligation more than doubled”.

Trump also stressed the importance of its recently announced plan to establish peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

“Realizing that all previous attempts have failed, we must be strong and creative to stabilize the region and give millions of young people the chance to exercise a better future,” he said.

Most American voters recognize that during the presidency of Donald trump, the US economy has achieved notable success. This theme became the main in the annual message of the head of the White house. He said that efforts of his administration in the country was created seven million new jobs, the unemployment rate is “the lowest than under any administration in the history of the country”, and the stock market indexes rose more than 70%.

“After the previous two administrations, the US has lost 60 thousand plants and factories, under my administration America has opened 12 new companies, while thousands and thousands of new plants are already under construction or planned,” — said the President of the United States.

Each of such statements by the Republicans in the meeting room were greeted with prolonged applause. Democrats continued to sit silently in their seats, and the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, still stressed studying lying before her paper, only occasionally accompanied the President’s words a sarcastic smile, shaking her head sadly.

Usually the second half of his address to the country, US presidents devote to foreign policy. This time Donald trump chose to only mention the fight against terrorism, Recalling that it was during his presidency was destroyed by the leader of the “Islamic state” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

“We appeal to the terrorists with an unambiguous message: you will never be able to escape American justice. For attacks on our citizens, you will pay with their lives”, he warned.

At the same time, he offered Iran an olive branch — possible economic assistance.

“The Iranian regime needs to abandon the pursuit of nuclear weapons, to stop spreading terror, death and destruction and begin to work for the good of their own people – called trump. – Because of our powerful sanctions, the Iranian economy is very bad. We can help them to bring it to a very good standard in a short time, but probably they are too proud or too stupid to ask for such assistance. We’re here. Let’s see which path they choose. It all depends on them.”

The White house promised to end the war in Afghanistan, returning an American soldier home, said that as a result of a prolonged “trade war” with China, yet forced the Chinese leadership to begin discussion of a new economic agreement with the United States and expressed support for the Venezuelan people which, he said, struggling with “the regime of the socialist dictator Maduro”.

At the ceremony speech, the head of state usually invites their own guests, the presence of which should illustrate the priorities of the administration. This time among the invited was the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido, which trump called”the real President”of Venezuela.

This time welcoming the opposition, from their seats stood up and Republicans and Democrats. Nancy Pelosi also came off in front of her papers and a standing ovation to the leader of the opposition.

“Mr. President, please convey the following message to his homeland, – said trump. – All Americans unanimously support the Venezuelan people in their righteous struggle for freedom! Socialism destroys a nation. But always remember that freedom unites souls.”

“While we are restoring U.S. leadership around the world, we once again advocate for freedom in our hemisphere,” added trump.

Mention of Venezuela, however, was for the President of the United States occasion to remind about the “radical leftists” who are trying to destroy the American health care system. Donald trump did not begin to specify, whom exactly he means, but everyone was clear that we are talking about now vying for a presidential nomination, politicians and Democrats. Nearly all of them have sections on how to make the health care system in the United States more affordable.

“We will never allow socialism destroyed American health care,” said trump.

Individual episodes of the presidential speech made TV commentators in the US to recall that prior to joining the White house Donald trump for many years was the host of a popular television show.

For the first time in the entire history of presidential addresses to the country the head of state decided that his speech should be accompanied by concrete actions. Introducing a girl from a poor African-American families, the trump suddenly announced that he decided to give her a special scholarship.

“Now you can go to any school I choose, — I feel the need to see the President of the United States. — No one is in a situation where he has no choice, and he is forced to go to one of those terrible public schools.”

Among the guests, he also introduced his longtime friend, the famous radical-conservative radio host rush Limbaugh recently declared that he is struggling with a severe form of cancer. The White house stated that it had decided to award him highest civilian award in the United States, “the Presidential medal of Freedom”. The award immediately, right on the balcony for guests, radio host presented US first lady Melania trump.

Referring to the sacrifices U.S. soldiers go, Donald trump, drew attention to the family of Sergeant Williams, who serve in Afghanistan. A military wife and his two small children sat on the guest balcony next to Melania trump.

“The children have not seen your father’s face for many months,” said Donald trump, thanking the wife of the Sergeant, and “all wives of our military” for endurance and patience.

At this point on the guest balcony appeared Sergeant Sam Williams, who immediately, to the applause of legislators and guests, hugged his family.

At the end of his speech, Donald trump made clear that his administration will offer Americans new initiatives and new achievements.

“Our spirit is still young, the sun still rises, shines the Divine mercy, and, my fellow Americans, all the best is still ahead of us”, — summed up the President of the United States.

Republicans in the meeting room of the Congress has welcomed the promise of new applause, chanting a popular slogan calling for the re-election of Donald trump: “four More years!”.

The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, after hearing the final words of the US President, got up and deliberately began to tear into pieces lying in front of her paper. As it turned out, all this time she had read the printed version of the speech of Donald trump.

Responding to a reporter’s question edition of Politico, the speaker of the house of representatives called the act “polite”. “Considering the other alternatives, it was the polite thing to do, said Nancy Pelosi. — It was really dirty speech.”




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