“Comparing rape with a vaccine is pathetic,” says Marwah Riqzy to a conservative candidate

“Comparing rape with a vaccine is pathetic”, says Marwah Riqzy to ; a conservative candidate


Liberal MP Marwah Rizqy demands an apology from Éric Duhaime's candidate for Abitibi-Est, Maxym Perron-Tellier, who compared mandatory vaccination to rape in resurfaced Facebook posts.< /strong> 

“Comparing rape with a vaccine is pathetic. Zero empathy”, launched Marwah Rizqy on Twitter, Monday afternoon. “Those who have suffered sexual assault and/or rape have sequelae. The invisible scars follow them in their daily lives. The flashbacks arise without warning.”

Ms. Riqzy then reacted to a message published by Maxym Perron-Tellier on her personal Facebook page on December 31.

“For next year, do not come and talk to me about defending people who are raped , if you are in favor of forcing a chemical substance to enter someone. This is literally the definition of rape, he wrote. Finally, the left was right. There is indeed a culture of rape in Quebec,” wrote the young man at the time.

In an interview with La Presse, Mr. Perron-Tellier admitted that his publication was “clumsy”, but he still wanted to justify himself.

“I used the broad definition of rape, of the word rape, and the concept of consent where it is said that the body of each person is an inviolable sanctuary.

This explanation did not convince Marwah Riqzy, who considers that a formal apology would be in order.< /p>

“The usual definition of the word 'rape' used alone refers to coerced sexual intercourse without consent. Instead of giving us convoluted explanations, a sincere apology would be appreciated,” she tweeted.

Finally, the Liberal MP believes that such remarks are not worthy of the position of people's representative coveted by the Conservative candidate, whose announcement was made official on July 11.

“I have occupied different jobs in my life. I consider my current position as a function that requires me to rise and act with honor and dignity. All are free to run in politics, but ask yourself the following questions: Why? But above all FOR WHOM?”

Ms. Riqzy concluded her message with a point about Éric Duhaime, emphasizing that “every chef has candidates in his image”.< /p>

This criticism comes as part of the traditional Liberal Party of Quebec electorate seems to be turning to the Conservative Party of Éric Duhaime, as noted by experts in an article published on Monday.


The latest Léger survey placed the Conservatives in second place among non-Francophones in Quebec, with 22% of voting intentions, while the Liberals at 49% of intentions in this part of Quebec. electorate, a historic trough.