Complaints about the Amber Alert again hinder the work of the police (PHOTO)

Жалобы по поводу  Amber Alert снова мешают работе полиции (ФОТО)

On 1 October the alarm was given Amber Alert in connection with the search for the 5 missing children, and police again flooded with angry phone calls. Complaints about the Amber Alert were so many that police had to resort to using Twitter to remind people that calling 911 is only allowed in emergency situations. Meanwhile, the public also responded to this issue, and many want the police to take actions against those who call 911 to complain.

Police officer Alex Lee from the police Department of Toronto used Twitter to Express their concern about the number of “such” calls to 911: “police Toronto and operations division police service Toronto continue to receive calls from those who want to complain about the Amber Alert”, – he wrote.

“Please don’t call the police to complain, try to look for compassion and understanding, and to help find these children! Anxiety Amber Alert declared for a reason.”

This Amber Alert was declared shortly before 5 p.m. Tuesday, to help find Magnus, Esku, the Sovereign, Matthias and Malin of MacDermid. All of them under 15 years of age.

Representatives of the Niagara regional police service (NRPS) believe that the children were abducted from their home in Jordan (Jordan, Ontario) in the period from 19 to 25 September, their father, Ian MacDermid (Ian MacDermid). Currently, their whereabouts are unknown.

Users responded in a tweet by Alex a police officer Whether on complaints, and some believe that those who hinder the work of the hotline calls with complaints, should be responsible for their actions.

In so many tweets shows a blatant outrage. Many Canadians were angered by such behavior, especially that this time the amber-Alert-declared day.

Previous alarm was on the night, therefore, some citizens complained of disturbed sleep.

The complaints are not the first time. Over the past year to police departments across Ontario have filed numerous complaints at the moments of the announcement of the anxieties in connection with the search for missing children.

The validity of this Amber Alert has expired, but all five children are currently still missing. NRPD still asks Canadians to be vigilant and to immediately call 911 in the event of detection.