Complete cleansing of the body for 3 days! To bring the body and health in order is easy!


Полное очищение организма за 3 дня! Привести тело и здоровье в порядок легко!

Sugar in large quantities is an extremely dangerous product for our health!

Currently, sugar is added to many foods and drinks such as carbonated beverages, Breakfast cereals, salad dressings, yogurts and candies.

Sugar is part of some products, such as honey, pure fruit juice, raisins, mango and bananas, which are classified as simple carbohydrates.

Many symptoms occur when your body has excess sugar. These include: hyperactivity, as a consequence of fatigue, yeast infection, depression, headaches, colds, mental disorientation and drowsiness.

Sugar can cause the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, especially breast cancer.

Today we want to offer You a great plan for detox that will help You to lose a few pounds and strengthen Your health!

As the consumption of sugar is associated with weight gain?

When we consume too much sugar our body uses as much as he needs to boost the energy, and the rest accumulates and is processed into fat!

The sugar gets inside the intestine and our body responds to it, as intestinal bacteria and increases the level of blood sugar. In the end, the sugar becomes fat, which is visible on the waist, hips and buttocks.

Say NO to Sugar

Despite the fact that it seems impossible, you can stop using sugar.

First you will feel bad and to experience cravings, but gradually you will feel better and better. Your health is improved, and the body will become chiseled!
1st day:

Breakfast: 1 Cup oats with berries and almonds / seeds / or 3 eggs (scrambled or boiled).

Snack: 1 Cup of nuts.
Lunch: chicken breast with steamed vegetables ( carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips, beans)

Dinner: grilled fish with a bowl of green beans or salmon with broccoli and mushrooms.

2nd day

Breakfast: Cup of oatmeal with berries and seeds or almonds / scrambled eggs made of 3 eggs with spinach.

Afternoon snack: a handful of nuts.

Lunch: Grilled zucchini with red and yellow pepper and lemon, chicken or salmon.

Dinner: steamed green vegetables and bean soup / baked cod and sauteed Kale.

3rd day

Breakfast: Cup of oatmeal with berries and seeds or almonds / scrambled eggs with prawns and braised cabbage. Salad green vegetable.

Afternoon snack: a handful of nuts.

Lunch: roast chicken with rosemary, sage and lemon / baked in the oven chicken with onions, olives and thyme.

Dinner: easy chicken soup / Penne pasta (brown rice) with mushrooms, Basil and tomato sauce.

Tea: You should consume unsweetened herbal or green tea 3 times a day.

Coffee: you should not consume more than 1 Cup of unsweetened black coffee per day.

This diet is to soothe the craving for sugar! The result will surprise You!

If You have serious health problems or severe pain, suggest You to seek the advice of a doctor. Self-medication can be harmful to Your health.

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