Comsa learned smsn rules to fight Mike Tyson W ROM Jones

Комісія затвердила смішні правила для бою Майка Тайсона з Роєм Джонсом

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones I

12 veresnya in Los Angeles budesa exhibition Podenok have any sustrates kolesny absolutni champion of the world in Hewlet Mike Tyson s colinm the Volodar poasm have chotiroh of wagovich categories ROM Jones-molodchik, that push stroke declick years wagasa Microsim boxer planet for Yogo vidat sdet, swidth owner, power kulaks I zagalna domovina on the ring.

54-rcni turn Tyson into the ring for the second part operte n years. A 51-ronago Jones Vostan drink in d in the beginning of the 2018 year.

Athletic Comsa state Calfornia (CSAC) vzhe learned rules tsogo podenco. Of in particular, was operedila scho Jaden boxer is not guilty of vyhodite the ring “zadlya the knockout.” CSAC Hoca dwellers Biy CCB ncim him, Yak megalink springa.

Chapter promoters compan Matchroom Boxing Add Grn wage scho exhibition Biy mizh Mike Mauger I ROM provalitsya via Novi rule.

“Komsa said scho Tyson and Jones not mozhut one nonautomatic. You can TSE UALITY? Tyson vihodit I suka knockout, and predstavnik Commission Macha yomu hand – I VIN supinates. TSE disaster,” citu functionary Voda.

“Meni not podobala format of vistavkova bow. Scho VI pay? Scho bokseri there are Robit? Obtusifolia I figure out nterv Yu center round?

I volv B., schob stench psli in the ring I was probovali to snesti one one’s head”, – perekonnanimi Grn.

Dadamo, scho vartist pereglyadu podenco Tyson – Jones becoming $ 50.