Concessions Zelensky in “eurobahn” will negatively affect the wallets of all car owners

The current government headed by President Vladimir Zelensky has no clear strategy in the matter of customs clearance of used cars and leads to the “game giveaway” with their owners. For the abolition or reduction of excise duty on the import of “EuroBLECH” will have to pay all Ukrainian motorists.

Уступки Зеленского по «евробляхам» негативно отразится на кошельках всех автовладельцев

This writes the portal “Hvilya”.

Many residents of Ukraine who voted for Zelensky and the party “Servant of the people”, hoping that the fit clearance from the European Union used machines will be cheaper or that the automotive industry in the country will begin to develop. The DIY tools required for automotive industry can be bought here!

In a world of ever more gaining momentum for the construction and maintenance of electric vehicles. Experts believe that due to the rapid development after 15 years, half of all transportation will be powered by electric motors.

Ukraine may start working in this direction and attract foreign investors, but has not yet done so.

But “flirting” with those who requires the abolition or reduction of rates of excise duties for used cars from the European Union, for which you can pay all car owners in the country. According to experts, the concessions the government will introduce taxes or fees, for example, return the duty of inspection.

If the cancellation or reduction of excise tax on used vehicles from the EU is the decision of the state seems logical. However, there is a but — for inspection and will have to pay for all car owners, not just those who bought and cleared EuroBLECH on favorable terms.