Conclusion Litecoin (LTC) to Privat24 credited to the card in UAH

Вывод Litecoin (LTC) на Приват24 с зачислением на карту в гривнах

Cryptocurrency Litecoin continues to be used for transactions with the aim of earning. And if handled properly, it really helps to get a good income.

But to use it for personal purposes, assets need to convert to a more versatile financial instrument, for example, transfer to PrivatBank card in UAH Privat24. To conduct a transaction in different ways, so it makes sense to carefully examine their features to make the right choice.

Transfer directly from cryptocurrency exchanges

Many people think that to transfer assets in this way is the easiest. But really, in this situation, there are some nuances:

  • first crypto-currency to convert to hryvnia, creating a corresponding order. Money can be exchanged immediately at the market price or to set its own terms and wait for the counter offer. But how many will have to wait is unknown. So if a deal you need to spend urgently, this should be taken into account;
  • to transfer UAH on the card of PrivatBank the user, the exchange must pass the verification. This procedure is not fast, because the downloaded documents and the data provided will be verified by the representatives of the exchange;
  • the crediting of UAH to the account can take up to several days. This is the norm, but if money is needed urgently, there is a risk that they will not be able to as quickly as you want.

Plus, some of the exchange install on monetary transactions a high enough fee. This also should not be forgotten.

Transfer by a private person

The point is simple: you transfer the person cryptocurrency Litecoin, and he lists you on the map is equivalent to the amount of UAH. But in this situation there is a high risk. If you make a deal with the speculator, after receiving a digital coins, he’ll just disappear from sight and won’t put hryvnias to the account. The exchange can take place at an unfavorable rate. Therefore, this option should be used in practice.

Transaction exchangers

This method of currency translation is considered optimal because:

  • choosing a reliable exchanger, you are guaranteed to get the money;
  • enrollment will take place for 15-20 minutes;
  • the funds will be converted at the current exchange rate;
  • the Commission at the exchange is acceptable;
  • for translation you do not need to undergo verification;
  • to make a deal, you can simply and quickly;
  • a large part of the exchange services running around the clock.

To choose a reliable service provider specialized help monitoring the portal. On the page you see offers all the exchangers who are ready to do the conclusion Litecoin (LTC) to Privat24. They repeatedly checked for integrity, so the risks are reduced to a possible minimum. You need to define only specific proposal, taking into account the conversion rate, the amount of fee, type of translation, the provision and restrictions on amounts.

Further all is simple:

  1. You go to the exchanger website.
  2. Fill out an application.
  3. Check the correctness of data and confirm the order.
  4. Make a payment cryptocurrency.
  5. Getting on the card of PrivatBank UAH.

It’s simple, fast and convenient.